Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco beachOn the north coast of Cuba, exactly at the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago, lie the keys, isles and islets that the Spanish conquerors named –between 1513-1514– Jardines del Rey (King’s Gardens), in honor of Fernando the Catholic, Spanish king at the time. Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, caressed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, located in one of the most beautiful coral reefs of the world, are unique places because of the wide range and profusion of their sea species and luxuriant vegetation.

Both keys belong to Ciego de Ávila City, 460 km. east of Havana City and 110 km. west of Camagüey, and are linked to the main island via a 27 km. long road over the sea called pedraplén that crosses Bahía de Perros (Bay of Dogs) north of the province.

Cayo Coco pedraplénThe keys are also linked to each other by the same pedraplén. There is an airfield at Cayo Coco. Crossing this road may be an amusing and interesting trip, because dolphins both sides of the pedraplén and huge colonies of pink flamingos can be seen from it.

Cayo Coco beachLies on the Atlantic Ocean, 400 km. south of Nassau at Bahamas. It’s Cuba’s fourth largest island. This 370 coral key is about 37 km. long. The vicinity of a 400 km. long coral reef, considered by experts as the second most important in the world, after the one in Australia, constitutes one of the natural wonders of this region, while allowing for diving in warm waters of very good visibility. This small island has 9 km. of snowy white beach running along the Atlantic side, while the south coast is mostly mangroves.

Cayo Coco FlamingosA gifted reserve for flora and fauna, this zone shelters species like lime-dwelling birds, gray herons and the pink flamingos, these last in a large flock of more than 30 000 individuals, one of the largest in the world. It’s also the favorite habitat of other bird species like cormorants, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, pelicans and lots of duck species.

10-20 meters away, the coral reef with more than 10 km. adds on attractiveness to the place. The diversity and wealth of sea species make the divers believe they are at a true aquarium. Few places in the world can compete with such beauty. Tarpons, tranchinatus, big red snappers, stonebasses, sharks and barracudas are to be found in the area, which makes the Coco Diving Center a most alluring diving option.

Hotels in this beach

Hotel Iberostar Daiquirí     4 stars

Standar Room

berostar Daiquirí Hotel is located in Cayo Guillermo, one of the small islands of the Jardines del Rey archipelago, famous for its heavenly and virgin beaches, the exuberant vegetation and the matchless sea bottom near of one of the world's greatest coral reef.

Prices Form:     € 95 (per room/night)

Hotel Villa Cojimar     3 stars

The Beach

Villa Cojimar is a three stars and all-inclusive offer located very close to Marina Cayo Guillermo whose main attraction consist of being bounded by the best beaches of this key. Visitors can go deeper into the sea up to 100 meters and the seawater never go over the ankles and even he will find marvelous sandbanks in the middle of the sea, like real islands where you can take a sunbath without getting wet but at the same time surrounded with water.

Prices Form:     € 70 (per room/night)

Hotel Melia Cayo Guillermo     5 stars

Standar Room

This all-inclusive 5 stars hotel is surrounded by an exuberant vegetation and the throughout a beach area of 3 km bordering the other Resorts up to Villa Cojimar beaches, the first hotel in the key.

Prices Form:     € 109 (per room/night)

Hotel Sol Cayo Guillermo     4 stars

Standar Room

Sol Cayo Guillermo Hotel is situated at the end of the four hotels built in this key.

This all-inclusive 5 stars hotel is surrounded by an exuberant vegetation and the throughout a beach area of 3 km bordering the other Resorts up to Villa Cojimar beaches, the first hotel in the key.

Prices Form:     € 83 (per room/night)

Hotel NH Krystal Laguna Villas & Resort     4 stars

Swimming Pool

NH Krystal Laguna Hotel is a four-star hotel complex with an all-inclusive offer providing comfort and the opportunity of enjoying a heavenly environment in the virgin beaches of Cayo Coco.




Prices Form:     € 95 (per room/night)

Hotel Blau Colonial Cayo Coco     5 stars

Swimming Pool

Blau Colonial Hotel located at the beach is surrounded by a luxuriant garden and a navigable natural lagoon is among the different attractions of this resort. It is only 12 km from the Jardines del Rey International Airport.

This hotel is one of the first hotels built in Cayo Coco, its construction resembles a Cuban colonial villa.


Prices Form:     € 129 (per room/night)

Hotel Tryp Club Cayo Coco     5 stars

Standar Room

Tryp Cayo Coco Hotel, an all-inclusive four-star hotel, one of the greatest hotels in Cayo Coco. This attractive resort has 502 rooms, wide gardens and a particular construction that consist of a three-story building with ramps and terraces that allow to observe the whole complex.



Prices Form:     € 83 (per room/night)

Hotel Sol Cayo Coco     4 stars

Standar Room

Sol Cayo Coco Hotel is a four-star hotel surrounded by beautiful beaches of exuberant vegetation ideal to practice the ecological hiking, and see birds like the pink flamingos, to make a trip in catamaran and practice all type of sports especially the nautical and Sub aquatic sports.



Prices Form:     € 127 (per room/night)

Hotel Meliá Cayo Coco     5 stars

Double Standar Room

Guest of Meliá Cayo Coco Hotel can enjoy the practice of ecological hiking, to enjoy seeing the colony of pink flamingos, to travel in catamaran and practice all kind of sports particularly the nautical sports because the facility is inserted in a natural reserve famous for its beaches and the beauty of its environment.

Prices Form:     € 106 (per room/night)

Hotel Gaviota Playa Coco     4 stars

Standar Room

Playa Coco Hotel. This is attractive resort is one of the coziest places of the region. Its environment, surrounded by a wonderful almost virgin landscape is the ideal place for enjoying fantastic vacations on the seashore.

Prices Form:     € 93 (per room/night)

Hotel Oasis Villa Cayo Coco     3 stars

Hotel Oasis Villa Cayo Coco

It has 48 Bungalows, equipped with air conditioned, TV satellite, complete Bath, hair dryer, Telephone, Balcony with Terrace in most of rooms.
Also the hotel has the following facilities: A buffet restaurant, one a la carte restaurant, two bars, a Snack bar, Swimming pool, day and night entertainment activities, that will provide you with the choices of your preference to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Prices Form:     € 53 (per room/night)

Hotel BlueBay Cayo Coco     4 stars

Hotel BlueBay Cayo Coco

BlueBay Cayo Coco, situated in superb Cayo Coco, Cuba, is an exclusive 4-star resort with 328 bedrooms, surrounded by one of the area's most beautiful beaches.
Crystal waters, spectacular sea beds and fine white sands, combined with the region’s rich and diverse flora and fauna, make this a true paradise on earth.

Prices Form:     € 39 (per room/night)

Hotel Melia Cayo Coco     5 stars

Hotel Melia Cayo Coco

Overlooking the clear blue-green waters of the sea and its coral reefs and close to a beach of fine white sand, the All-Inclusive Meliá Cayo Coco hotel complex enjoys a supremely beautiful setting.

Prices Form:     € 109 (per room/night)

Hotel Oasis Playa Coco     4 stars

Hotel Oasis Playa Coco

Ideal for relaxation with family or friends, with colonial style design combining traditional and modern elements of Cuban architecture. Spacious areas, arcades, stylish furniture.

Prices Form:     € 81 (per room/night)