Gay Beaches in Cuba? Gay frieldly beach locations.

Pre-visit research into a gay scene in Cuba can prove awfully frustrating. The community exists, but is always in flux. Without any gay newspapers or event magazines to give weekly schedules, addresses, or advertising, much of what a visitor will find is by word of mouth. There is a surefire way to meet up with and get suggestions from gay locals. The Yara Theater (Calle 23 and Calle L, Vedado) is a place where gays congregate to socialize and exchange news and gossip. In the area outside and around the theater, groups of men assemble nightly.

Foreign visitors are welcomed warmly, and from your new friends, you could learn the location of the beaches with gay friedly areas. It may sound daunting, but it is the way, and visitors are expected and welcomed. The "official" gay beaches in Havana are: El Chivo in East Havana, and Mi Cayito at Playas del Este, where you may also get current pointers from friendly locals.

In Cuba there are no publicized gay accommodations, but larger hotels are easy to come by. You may also want to consider renting an apartment in a private home, which tend to be very affordable. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, and the people who live there are considered to be some of the most hospitable you’ll ever meet.