Playa Bacuranao

Playas del Este (santa María beachPlayas del Este is a vast littoral about 15 kilometers long, full of white sand beaches surrounded by coconut palms. It stretches from Bacuranao Beach –12 kilometers east of Havana– to Guanabo Beach –27 kilometers east of Havana. Between these two one can find four other beaches: Tarará, El Mégano, Santa María del Mar and Boca Ciega. All of them are excellent options for tourists who want to spend a day at the beach without leaving the capital.

Opposed to other beaches in Cuba where one can only find tourists, Playas del Este is very popular among the habaneros, who can frequently enjoy these warm waters thanks to their closeness to the city.

Bacuranao beachBacuranao beach is only 12 kilometers away from Havana, it is the first of the Playas del Este. Mainly visited by Cubans, Bacuranao Beach is located on a small bay, its sand is a bit coarse and there are 30 cabins available for renting.