Cayo Largo del Sur

aerial view of Cayo LargoCayo Largo owes its name to its elongated shape. Around 1494 admiral Christopher Columbus touched upon it during his second voyage to Cuba. It is also linked to the large groups of corsairs and pirates that of old used to roam the Caribbean Sea.

In this islet, nature shows a well-kept appearance. It has coral reefs and is complemented by neighboring keys inhabited by numerous species of flora and fauna, among them iguanas, pelicans and turtles.

This heavenly islet has an international airport as well as 24 km. of beaches. Its superb white fine sand keeps off excess heat because of its chemical origin. It’s a perfect place for open air recreation and water sports.

aerial view of Cayo LargoOn the landscape of Cayo Largo several beautiful Cuban beaches stand out, among them the one called Sirena, considered the fairest and the one with the most tranquil waters, located in a spot sheltered from wind and waves.

Lindamar is another gift for sea lovers: small, friendly and private. It has the peculiarity of being located in a zone where the shore is shaped like a shell and is surrounded by white boulders.

beach in Cayo LargoHowever, the largest beach in the islet is Playa Blanca, with big crags bordering the sea creating retired coves, which give the illusion of being in a totally uninhabited island.

Playa Luna –with quiet waters and gentle sand slopes going into the sea– and Playa Cocos, this last so called because of the coconut trees giving it shade, fit perfectly into the matchless environment of Cayo Largo.
Finally, among these Cuban beaches is Playa Tortugas, which has as its chief attraction the fact of being a place chosen by hundreds of chelonians to spawn within its peaceful sands.

Besides the beauty of the sea encircling the islet, visitors have all kind of facilities for diving, in addition to various tours to discover the natural charm of the zone.

Cayo Largo beachSports, including nautical ones, can also be practiced at this place, where there are sports facilities such as tennis and volleyball courts.

Hotels in this beach

Hotel Sol Club Cayo Largo     4 stars


The Sol Cayo Largo All Inclusive Resort is located on Cayo Largo del Sur. Cayo Largo is located in the Canarreos Archipelago, at southern Cuba Island and belongs to "municipio especial Isla de la Juventud". It's 177 km from Havana City and 135 from Nueva Gerona, it's provincial capital. It's located 125 km from Cienfuegos City, and 177 km from Varadero.

Prices Form:     € 95 (per room/night)

Hotel Sol Pelicano     4 stars

Swimming Pool

The Sol Pelícano All-Inclusive resort (opened in winter 2002) is located on Cayo Largo del Sur in the Canarreos archipelago. Sol Pelicano is a paradise located on this idyllic spot of fine white sands, magnificent beaches set in palm trees, coconut groves, dunes and beautiful coral reefs.

Prices Form:     € 81 (per room/night)

Hotel Barcelo Cayo Largo     4 stars

Swimming Pool

Barceló is a 4-stars all-inclusive hotel. It opened its door on December 2003. The property consists of 306 rooms: 110 standard rooms, 184 bungalows and 12 suites.The hotel is surrounded by exotic and virgin beaches, beautiful palms and warm waters perfect for diving and the water sports practicing. The beaches also provides large beach areas for nudists.

Prices Form:     € 86 (per room/night)