Playa Ancón

Ancón beachSancti Spiritus province is located near the center of the Isle of Cuba, about 350 km. from Havana City. It has one of the most promising areas for tourist development in the island: its southern region, which comprises the municipality of Trinidad. There can be found Ancón Peninsula: a stretch of dry land bordering Casilda’s Inlet. The peninsula begins in a place to the southeast of the town of Trinidad.

12 km. south of Trinidad, got its name from a black rock on Punta María Aguilar that once served as a landmark for sailors. Because it seemed to resemble the leg of a horse, it was nicknamed Ancón (hind leg). Ancón is deemed the largest beach on the south coast of Cuba, with its 4 km. of medium-grain cream-colored sand that slopes gently into a beach of clear blue-green waters.

Ancón beachThe seabed has a rugged surface dropping steeply at a depth of 18 to 20 mt. Ancón has a warm, little changing weather throughout the year, with an average annual temperature of 26,3 ºC and a relative humidity of 74 %, the water mean temperature ranges from 24 ºC to 28 ºC. Being located on the South Coast it isn’t affected by the heavy waves that hit the beaches on the North Coast.

There is a wide variety of invertebrates, standing out among them the various species of coral beds and sponges that reach high values due as much to their diversity as to their profusion. There are also numerous kinds of fish dwelling in the coral reefs that along with other species represent a compelling complement to deep-sea diving and submarine photography.

Ancón beachIn this area stand more than 30 diving spots located in Ancón’s large and superb coral reef, where also lie the debris of sunken ships. At Ancón Hotel diving classes for beginners are given.

Hotels in this beach

Hotel Club Ancon     3 stars

Swimming Pool

Only 12km from Trinidad, one of the first seven towns founded by the Spaniards on Ancon beach seashore, the Hotel Ancon Club faces the Caribbean Sea. This Hotel is the ideal place for those who like to enjoy nature due to its proximity to the Escambray mountain massif that gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view combining sea and heights and immersion activities in the sea bottoms.

Prices Form:     € 56 (per room/night)

Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar     3 stars

Swimming Pool

The all-inclusive Brisas Trinidad del Mar hotel is located in front of one of the best beaches of the south coast with white sands and surrounded by the Escambray mountains and Ancon beach. It is also located few kilometers to Trinidad city, one of the most beautiful cities as well as one of the oldest ones in Cuba where the colonial heritage and the rich cultural traditions of its first settlers are preserved.

Prices Form:     € 78 (per room/night)