Playa Daiquirí

Baconao Is located inside the Baconao Park Biosphere Reserve, in a coastal zone to the south, very close to the Sierra Maestra Range. Baconao Park, 80 000 hectares of natural beauties encloses this beach of fine sand and crystal-clear waters surrounded by boulders that grant it great privacy.

Playa Daiquiri lent its name to the famous drink. It was here Teddy Roosvelt and his Rough Riders disembarked in 1898 during the Spanish-American War and that U.S. Marines landed in 1912 and 1917 to quell a series of stikes in Santiago and Guantánamo. The beach is of unappealing grey sand over grown with vegetation. The road continues east to Bacajagua Beach

In this area we find a diving spot comprising Daiquirí and Bucanero. Several sunken ships —Baconao, Fruit Cuba and El Casco—, and submarine cliffs like El Ancla, El Tanque, Piedra de los Arigues y La Daiquirí beachPared characterize this spot. La Cueva (The Cave), a place not to be missed, is quite an interesting formation. It is a passage that can be entered from the sea and reaches dry land under a steep cliff.