Playa Sevilla

Sevilla beachSierra Mar resort63 km. to the west of Santiago de Cuba and 2 hours by car to Antonio Maceo International Airport, lies Sevilla beach renowned by its brown sands and the mountains that seem to look over it. Its vicinity to a coral reef, that can be seen just by going 50 m. into the sea wearing a snorkel, and Sierra Mar diving center are some of the attractions that make it such a gorgeous, paradisiacal spot.

Oquendo, ship belonging to Admiral Cervera’s fleetBeing so far west, is very near to the place where the fleet of the Spanish Admiral Cervera foundered in 1898 after a sea battle against American ships. Close to the shore still lie the remains of three of the ships lost in that battle: Oquendo and Vizcaya, less than 16 feet deep, and Colón, between 23 and 121 feet deep. Those ships have become true gardens “blossoming” with coral, sea fans and sponges. Another interesting site is Mandinga Reef, a submarine mountain, rising from the abyssal plains of the sea, inhabited by fish of every size and species.