Playa el Frances beach | Isla de la Juventud

This beach is farther west from the lighthouse of Punta Rincón del Guanal, midway to Cocodrilo.

Playa Boca de Galafre beach

This beach is about 15 Km. southwest of San Juan y Martinez town.

Playa Bailen beach

This beach is at five kilometres further west, near Sábalo (12 km. east of Isabel Rubio, a small yet relatively prosperous agricultural town that thrives on the harvest of citrus groves).

Bacajagua beach

Is a beautiful golden sand beach within the deep cleft of a river mouth. It is near to Daiquirí and Verraco Beach, in the road continues east

Playa Yuraguanal

The brochures also say Holguin but the all-inclusive resorts that draw so many Canadians are actually 60 kilometres away in Guardalavaca, Playa Esmerelda, Playa Pesquero and Playa Yuraguanal.

Playa Pesquero Beach

Holguin's sandy beaches -- protected by coral reefs and with mountains them – are in Eastern Cuba. Nearby Naranjo Bay, (nature reserve ) is Pesquero beach. Bahia de Naranjo is a National Park with exuberant and tropical vegetation. It is at 14 kms. from Guardalavaca Beach and its commercial centre and 60 minutes from the airport.

Megano Beach

Lies further east and forms the westernmost of the Playas Del Este. It, too, has a sand volleyball court, shade umbrellas, and lounge chairs.

Bucanero Beach

This beach is located at just 25 minutes away from Santiago’s centre and 30 minutes away from the airport. Due to its geographical location the average weather is about 30 C, with a bright sun and few rainy days in the year. Bucanero is a magnificent golden sand beach backed by limestone cliffs. This beach is the private reserve of the Hotel Bucanero.

Cayo Carenas

Cayo Carenas, (located at the south center of the bay), an isle that used to be the summer place of wealthy families of this prosperous sea locality.

Playa Larga

Playa Larga can be found in the famous Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), at the Zapata Peninsula, 32 km. from the National Highway. This bay became famous after on April 1961, an army of Cuban exiles invaded the island in order to overthrow Fidel Castro’s newly established revolutionary government.